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Lesson Plan: Media Literacy: Discovering and Understanding Propaganda - Grade Nine - Grade 09
Summary:This lesson brings together social studies, technology and English language art and can be taught in collaboration or individually. The School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) could assist with instruction and preparation.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Technology and Communication Applications
Benchmark: A. Apply appropriate communication design principles in published and presented projects.
Indicator: 3. Examine how and why image, language, sound and motion convey specific messages designed to influence the audience.
Related Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Social Studies
Standard: Social Studies Skills and Methods
Benchmark: A. Evaluate the reliability and credibility of sources.
Indicator: 1. Detect bias and propaganda in primary and secondary sources of information.
Content Area:
Standard: Information Literacy
Benchmark: B. Determine and apply an evaluative process to all information sources chosen for a project.
Indicator: 2. Determine the author's authority for all resources and identify points of agreement and disagreement among sources.
Standard: Technology Literacy
Benchmark: C. Utilize the Internet for research, classroom assignments and appropriate personal interests.
Indicator: 4. Establish criteria for evaluating the information retrieved through Internet searching (e.g., author's expertise, bias, coverage of topic, timeliness).
Standard: Media Literacy
Benchmark: C. Critique and evaluate the intended impact of media communications and messages when delivered and received by society as a whole.
Indicator: 3. Recognize propaganda and rhetorical devices embedded in visual and text media components.

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