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Lesson Plan: Plotting Ordered Pairs on a Four Quadrant Grid - Grade Five - Grade 05
Summary:In this lesson, students label and represent ordered pairs on a four-quadrant grid. Students demonstrate prior knowledge of plotting ordered pairs in the first quadrant. Introduction to the four-quadrant grid begins with students creating and discussing number lines that include negative numbers. Practice in creating the axes on a coordinate grid is a component of the lesson. Students discuss the importance of direction in plotting ordered pairs and explain how to plot ordered pairs.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Geometry and Spatial Sense
Benchmark: C. Specify locations and plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.
Indicator: 6. Extend understanding of coordinate system to include points whose or values may be negative numbers.
Related Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: H. Use representations to organize and communicate mathematical thinking and problem solutions.

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