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Lesson Plan: Are You Absolutely Sure of the Value? - Grade Seven - Grade 07
Summary:Students will develop an understanding of absolute value through real world situations. Students will develop an understanding of when absolute value can be used in a given situation. Students will relate the need for absolute value to the task used within the lesson and write the symbolic notation to represent the task.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Number, Number Sense and Operations
Benchmark: I. Use a variety of strategies, including proportional reasoning, to estimate, compute, solve and explain solutions to problems involving integers, fractions, decimals and percents.
Indicator: 6. Simplify numerical expressions involving integers and use integers to solve real-life problems.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: F. Use inductive thinking to generalize a pattern of observations for particular cases, make conjectures, and provide supporting arguments for conjectures.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: H. Use representations to organize and communicate mathematical thinking and problem solutions.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: J. Communicate mathematical thinking to others and analyze the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: K. Recognize and use mathematical language and symbols when reading, writing and conversing with others.

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