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Lesson Plan: Production: Specialization and Division of Labor - Grade Three - Grade 03
Summary:This hands-on activity divides the class into teams to produce a product. By selecting a product to produce, the students will be introduced to the concept of specialization. The teams will produce a product using assigned labor methods: division of labor or independent production method. In addition, students will do a quick-write in their journal. The culmination of the different activities will help the students understand the differences between specialization and the division of labor, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Social Studies
Standard: Economics
Benchmark: B. Explain why entrepreneurship, capital goods, technology, specialization and division of labor are important in the production of goods and services.
Indicator: 4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of specialization and the division of labor to produce items.
Standard: Social Studies Skills and Methods
Benchmark: D. Use problem-solving skills to make decisions individually and in groups.
Indicator: 6. Use a problem-solving/decision-making process which includes:
1 - Identifying a problem;
2 - Gathering information;
3 - Listing and considering options;
4 - Considering advantages and disadvantages of options;
5 - Choosing and implementing a solution.

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