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Lesson Plan: To Be or Not to Be Democratic - Grade Seven - Grade 07
Summary:Students will compare the democracies of ancient Athens, the Roman Republic and the United States today. They will illustrate the similarities and differences in the three governments with a Venn diagram. They will communicate a position on public policy through the writing of a letter to either the government of ancient Athens or the Roman Republic as a citizen living during ancient times.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Social Studies
Standard: Government
Benchmark: C. Compare the defining characteristics of democracies, monarchies and dictatorships.
Indicator: 1. Compare direct and representative democracy using examples of ancient Athens, the Roman republic and the United States today.
Standard: Social Studies Skills and Methods
Benchmark: B. Organize historical information in text or graphic format and analyze the information in order to draw conclusions.
Indicator: 1. Describe historical events and issues from the perspectives of people living at the time in order to avoid evaluating the past in terms of today's norms and values.

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