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Lesson Plan: Effects of the Silk Road - Grade Seven - Grade 07
Summary:Students will use research skills and visual aides to gain an understanding of how trade on the Silk Road affected the cultures of the people involved. By taking on the role of a Silk Road merchant, students will investigate the trade of items through cities in Asia and Europe and create ?postcards? documenting the spread of ideas that resulted from this trade.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Social Studies
Standard: People in Societies
Benchmark: A. Compare cultural practices, products and perspectives of past civilizations in order to understand commonality and diversity of cultures.
Indicator: 2. Explain how the Silk Road trade and the Crusades affected the cultures of the people involved.
Standard: Economics
Benchmark: B. Explain why trade occurs and how historical patterns of trade have contributed to global interdependence.
Indicator: 2. Describe the growth of cities and the establishment of trade routes in Asia, Africa and Europe; the products and inventions that traveled along these routes (e.g., spices, textiles, paper, precious metals and new crops); and the role of merchants.

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