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Lesson Plan: Medical Ethics and Technology: A Brave New World? - Grade Eleven - Grade 11
Summary:This lesson integrates technology and science and is designed for the high school classroom. It can be taught individually by the technology teacher or in collaboration with the science teacher.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Technology and Communication Applications
Benchmark: C. Identify communication needs, select appropriate communication tools and design collaborative interactive projects and activities to communicate with others, incorporating emerging technologies.
Indicator: 2. Integrate online communication capabilities to make inquiries, do research and disseminate results (e.g., group writing projects, college searches, career information inquiry).
Standard: Technology and Information Literacy
Benchmark: B. Apply a research process model to conduct research and meet information needs.
Indicator: 4. Analyze information and synthesize into a communicated product.
Standard: Technology and Society Interaction
Benchmark: D. Analyze ethical and legal technology issues and formulate solutions and strategies that foster responsible technology usage.
Indicator: 1. Debate the ethical considerations involved in the development or deployment of new technologies (e.g., medical technologies to create or extend life, satellite imagery, software to capture content or monitor user activity).
Standard: Designed World
Benchmark: F. Classify, demonstrate, examine and appraise medical technologies.
Indicator: 2. Describe how medicines and treatments may have both expected and unexpected results.
Related Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Science and Technology
Benchmark: A. Predict how human choices today will determine the quality and quantity of life on Earth.
Indicator: 2. Predict how decisions regarding the implementation of technologies involve the weighing of trade-offs between predicted positive and negative effects on the environment and/or humans.
Standard: Life Sciences
Benchmark: F. Explain how human choices today will affect the quality and quantity of life on earth.
Indicator: 9. Give examples of how human activity can accelerate rates of natural change and can have unforeseen consequences.
Standard: Scientific Ways of Knowing
Benchmark: C. Explain how societal issues and considerations affect the progress of science and technology.
Indicator: 8. Explain that the decision to develop a new technology is influenced by societal opinions and demands and by cost benefit considerations.
Content Area:
English Language Arts - Reading
Standard: Reading Process: Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and Self-Monitoring Strategies
Benchmark: B. Demonstrate comprehension of print and electronic text by responding to questions (e.g., literal, inferential, evaluative and synthesizing).
Indicator: 2. Answer literal, inferential, evaluative and synthesizing questions to demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate print texts and electronic and visual media.
Standard: Reading Applications: Informational, Technical and Persuasive Text
Benchmark: D. Synthesize the content from several sources on a single issue or written by a single author, clarifying ideas and connecting them to other sources and related topics.
Indicator: 3. Analyze the content from several sources on a single issue, clarifying ideas and connecting them to other sources and related topics.

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