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Lesson Plan: Direct and Inverse Variation - Grade Eight - Grade 08
Summary:Students participate in two data collection activities which introduce direct and inverse variation. In the pre-assessment, students categorize numerical, graphical and verbal representations as linear or nonlinear and determine which linear representations are also direct variation relationships. In the post-assessment activity, students convey their understanding of linear, nonlinear, direct and inverse relationships through verbal and written communication. This three-part lesson provides opportunities for students to work individually, with partners and in small groups. During activities, monitor student progress in order to make informal assessments of student understanding and to provide intervention, when necessary.
Ohio Standards Connection
Content Area:
Standard: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Benchmark: I. Model and solve problem situations involving direct and inverse variation.
Indicator: 14. Differentiate and explain types of changes in mathematical relationships, such as linear vs. nonlinear, continuous vs. noncontinuous, direct variation vs. inverse variation.
Standard: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Benchmark: B. Identify and classify functions as linear or nonlinear, and contrast their properties using tables, graphs or equations.
Indicator: 3. Identify functions as linear or nonlinear based on information given in a table, graph or equation.
Standard: Measurement
Benchmark: E. Estimate and compute various attributes, including length, angle measure, area, surface area and volume, to a specified level of precision.
Indicator: 3. Use appropriate levels of precision when calculating with measurements.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: D. Apply reasoning processes and skills to construct logical verifications or counter-examples to test conjectures and to justify and defend algorithms and solutions.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: F. Use precise mathematical language and notations to represent problem situations and mathematical ideas.
Standard: Mathematical Processes
Benchmark: G. Write clearly and coherently about mathematical thinking and ideas.

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